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Riverview Health Care Foundation
410 Dewey Street, P.O. Box 8080
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Our mission is to support excellence in wellness and health care.

Riverview Health Care Foundation, Inc., is the charitable and fundraising arm of Riverview Hospital Association. It was established in 1984 for the purpose of seeking and holding funds to support Riverview Hospital Association and other nonprofit health care and social service organizations serving South Wood County.

A certain amount of the Foundation's invested earnings is granted to Riverview Hospital Association as well as other community nonprofit agencies in support of wellness and health care initiatives. Since 1984, Riverview Hospital Association has received 172 grants from the Foundation, totaling $3,558,455. Local nonprofit organizations have received 112 grants, totaling $908,742, to benefit the community's health. Thus local health care has benefited from the contribution of nearly $4.5 million from Riverview Health Care Foundation since 1984.

The generosity of community members is the source of revenue that makes it possible for the Foundation to do its work. Total donations to the community's health and wellness total more than $2.5 million since the Foundation began. Grants include:

  • Up-to-date medical equipment
  • Improved facilities for treatment
  • Support for cancer programs
  • Services to the terminally ill
  • Education for medical personnel
  • Collaboration with community agencies with health initiatives

Our Purpose

As stated in the articles of incorporation, the purpose of Riverview Health Care Foundation is:"To promote, receive, hold, and invest contributions, gifts, bequests of any type of property from the general public or from other corporations and to disburse, loan, or donate such contributions, gifts, bequests, or the income thereon to Riverview Hospital Association, Inc. a Wisconsin nonstock, nonprofit corporation, and such other nonprofit, tax-exempt health care and social service organizations serving Wood County as the Board of Directors of the Foundation elects to support."

In other words, Riverview Health Care Foundation was established for the purpose of seeking and holding funds to support Riverview Hospital Association and other nonprofit health care and social service organizations serving South Wood County.

Largest Grants in Our Foundation’s History

UW Cancer Center Riverview: The largest grant ever given by the Foundation to Riverview Hospital Association was $1 million in 2002 for the construction of UW Cancer Center Riverview. The best cancer treatment available anywhere is now in Wisconsin Rapids at Riverview Hospital. Physicians and other health care professionals specializing in cancer treatment serve patients in the $5.5 million facility. Riverview Health Care Foundation fielded the capital campaign that raised over $4 million.

Riverview Health Care Foundation Wellness Center at the YMCA of South Wood County: One of the largest grants to the community, the YMCA’s Wellness Center houses exercise equipment for our families and friends to achieve excellence in personal health management.

Bethke Rehabilitation Center: The Lillian Bethke Estate provided large gifts to numerous Wisconsin Rapids organizations. Riverview Health Care Foundation received over $1 million, $500,000 of which was given to develop the Bethke Rehabilitation Center at 1041 Hill St. The center’s facilities and equipment provide outpatient physical therapy and other rehabilitative services to a multitude of patients annually.

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